The Cattle Rearer Chronicles — The Remaking Of Nigeria As A Welfare State

  • N-Power — a youth training scheme to help make them employable. While on the scheme they get paid a monthly stipend of N30,000, program lasts for 2 years with no guarantee of employment thereafter. So far 200,000 have been enrolled and will graduate to make way for another 300,000.
  • National Home Grown School feeding Program — a program designed to provide one balanced nutritious meal per day to public primary school children in classes 1 to 3. About 8.6m children are currently being fed across 24 states.
  • The National Cash Transfer Program — monthly cash transfers of N5,000 to poor and vulnerable households. Slightly less than 300,000 beneficiaries are on the scheme across 20 states.
  • Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program “Market Moni” — this provides access to finance for small business owners at the bottom of the pyramid. A key feature is that they must be members of cooperative or trade association. The loans are interest and collateral free.



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Phoenix Agenda

Phoenix Agenda


Nigeria needs a new ruling class; young, dynamic, intelligent and knowledgeable. Nigeria needs a viable new option to enable her rise from ashes like a phoenix.